1 kg Marinated Anchovies in a variety of flavours

Banderilles in 1 Kg and 200 gm resealable tubs

200 gm various retail packs with resealable tubs

Smoked Anchovies in 500 gm and 125 gm

MSC Cantabrian Anchovies in 100 gm, 150 gm and 1 Kg

Flat salted Fillets and jars, pastes and tins

Large plump fillets

Excellent quality

Great Taste award winner

Eye catching packaging for your retail counter

Own label options available

Marinated Seafood, eye appealing to enhance any counter

1 Kg Tubs of Seafood Salad (Fruits de Mer), Octopus, Squid and Sardines

200 gm retail packs of Seafood Salad, Squid and Octopus

200 gm tubs with resealable lids of Sardines and Banderilles

Restaurant quality Soups and Sauces

Many varieties, including the ever popular Lobster, Shellfish and Langoustine Bisques

Organic chilled Seaweeds from the clean waters of Brittany

1 Kg boxes of Sea Lettuce, Dulse, Wakame, Sea Spaghetti, Kombu or a mix of three

(Sea Lettuce, Dulse and Sea Spaghetti)

120 gm Tubs of all of the above with the exception of the mixed three

Dried Flakes, Sea Spices and Salt with Sea Spices

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Blinis, Spreads and Sundries

Enriched with Butter, sold in packs of 10 x 135 gm trays (each tray contains 16 Blinis)

Capers, Sea Salts, Sea Spices
and dried Ocean flakes

Rillettes have a smooth texture,
the Emmiettes are coarser